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How to Prevent the Appearance of Acne What You Must Know

How to Prevent the Appearance of Acne What You Must Know

acne is a small bump that appears on our skin because of the clogged hair follicles. when the skin above the bump remains closed, the lump is called a whitehead. When the skin above the bump opens, the air image causes it to appear black and the appearance of a blackhead. In American Society (A.S.) acne is a skin infection that affects up to 50 million people. Handling acne in the right way Can help prevent the development of more severe acne. acne is Suitable acne and is easily recognizable in the skin.

How to prevent the appearance of acne on the face through the appearance of daily care to our face, how to prevent the appearance of acne in the area around the nose, chin and cheeks easily that we can do ourselves at home. In running the prevention of the emergence of acne is certainly mandatory we note where with the appearance of acne on the face of course very disturbing our daily appearance.

Acne complaints will not be completed by running the rapture in a direct way, even by running acne lifting activities by force will create new complaints for our face. The occurrence of enlargement of the pores of the face even the occurrence of infection can also appear when we remove the acne by removing it by force. To prevent the appearance of acne on the face other than by raising acne we also must pay attention to how to keep and care for the face so that acne will not appear again in our face.

So with other Words raising acne only is not up to Exclusive level if it will not be balanced with how we run facial treatment to avoid stubborn acne complaints. Here are some tutorials for us that can be applied as a way to prevent the appearance of acne on our face.

In running a facial cleanser try at least running a facial cleansing twice a day using a foam for our face. Avoid using foam that has oil content to prevent excess oil on our face. in general, acne appears due to excess in the oil contained in the face and mixed with dirt or dust even through our makeup. mixed matter of course when bound with oil on the face will continue to the occurrence of blockage in the pores of the face then hardened. It is this process which afterwards comes out of the facial surface in the form of a heavenly grain called acne.

runs the facial washing process at least twice a day by wearing foam for a face aimed at lifting excess oil and removing acne in our face area. if the foam we use has a heavenly grain or scrubs, should be the process of washing our faces do very carefully or Can be done slowly only while massaging our face but will not aim to suppress the acne out by force. Rubbing our faces with scrubs in a rough or mighty way will cause the facial skin to become dry so the body will produce oil by way of Over to moisturize the dry face.

To prevent the appearance of acne we can also take advantage of some natural ingredients that are easy to obtain and Can serve as a natural mask for faces that have acne. Lime or lemon mask mask of course We can make as a natural mask worn at night to prevent the appearance of acne on our face.

In addition to wearing a natural mask of lemon or lemon earlier, we can also utilize natural ingredients in any way that aims to prevent the occurrence of irritation in the skin due to acne. Honey Can also we make as a natural mask for the face or Can we mix in the lemon mask earlier to avoid the occurrence of facial irritation and restore the pores of our face in normal conditions.

To prevent the appearance of this acne should not we too often touch our faces with hands. The condition of the hands that we are unaware of dirt Can only be a medium of dust or dirt so inherent in our face and cause the appearance of acne on the face.

Thus are some easy and simple steps that we must pay attention to in order to prevent the appearance of acne on our face, may be useful.

Androgens, male sex hormones, trigger greater sebum secretion and higher skin cell turnover around puberty. acne is a hair follicle clogged (pore) in the skin. Keratin (skin of debris) is combined with oil to inhibit follicles. Infection causes inflammation and pus development. The skin condition is referred to as acne depending on the amount of acne and infection. acne, in essence acne is open, Can appear on our body parts and make people Frustasi Asa Asa because it is difficult to overcome.

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