Tomato mask to get rid of acne What You Must Know

Tomato mask to get rid of acne What You Must Know

This so-called acne lump on its surface appears dark or black. Oil called sebum, helps keep our skin soft. Dead skin cells and oils collect in the hole into the skin follicles, causing a lump called acne. acne contains an oxidized melanin version, a dark pigment made by cells in the skin. acne is present when the pores in the skin become embedded with dead skin cells and oily protective substances known as sebum.

Eliminate acne by wearing a tomato mask that we can do as a form of treatment to the face so that acne disappears from some parts of our face. tomato mask to remove acne is classified as easy and cheap way but still wise for facial skin because the content of natural ingredients contained in the tomato in addition to being able to lift acne Can also make facial skin healthier because of its high nutritional content
High levels of vitamins exclusively found in tomatoes in addition Can make heavenly facial skin of course Can also be applied as a natural ingredient to make natural masks remove acne. Natural content as an antioxidant that up to exclusive high level in this tomato is believed to lift acne and prevent it coming back besides we are obliged to keep our facial hygiene and avoid some cause of the appearance of acne

Tomato to get rid of acne

As we know that acne Can arise because of the pores clogged by dust or dirt. The process of the occurrence of blockage of the proxy pp is due to the occurrence of enlargement of the pores of our faces. when the pores clogged, the oil should be out Futuristis masa depan skin surface to moisturize the face becomes choked up and clot with dirty clogging pores of the face earlier. if ignored then of course the dirt mixed with the oil will harden so it appears to be a grain that comes out through the pores of our face or that we used to know with acne.
because it produces if the acne is not To Fast lifted will certainly make the pores bigger. Even if left lingered feared will cause damage to the skin of the face. because the most severe to the facial skin is Could cause infection in the skin other than Could only cause the appearance of acne.
In order to avoid things we do not want it is better we run the treatment of the face in addition to maintaining hygiene is to utilize natural ingredients that serve as a natural mask for the face by wearing tomatoes aimed at eliminating acne with easy and thoughtful.
How to make a tomato mask to get rid of acne until Exclusive level is easy, take medium and ripe tomatoes. We recommend that you use organic tomatoes that are not mixed with chemicals such as pesticides that will cause an impact to exclusive levels harmful to our skin health.
Blend the tomato but note that it is not so heavenly, try the smoothed tomatoes still have a fairly coarse grain. Wear this tomato mask all over our face and focus on the area around the face especially the nose and chin where in the area acne often appears. Let stand for a while as we wait for it to lay down our bodies. After about half an hour wash the tomato mask with warm water. Rinse back our face with cold water or plain water that aims to shrink back the exposed facial pores when we rinse the tomato mask with warm water. for us who have our dry skin type Can add moisturizer or night cream to keep our skin moisture
Tomato mask to get rid of this acne We can use at least once a week at night in the treatment of facial so that acne disappears from our face.

In fact boys and girls undergo higher androgen levels during adolescence. acne Can be open (blackhead) or covered by skin (whitehead), and present with or without acne. Chronic inflammatory conditions that normally include both acne and inflamed papules and pustules (acne) are called acne. acne, in essence acne is open, Can appear on our body parts and make people Frustasi Asa Asa because it is difficult to overcome.

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