Highlighter Overview: Colourpop Flexitarian spruce Shock Cheek

Highlighter Overview: Colourpop Flexitarian spruce Shock Cheek

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BEHOLD the Colourpop spruce Shock Cheek in Flexitarian

Availability retails at $eight for four.2g (.15 oz) along with is often at the moment unique to only colourpop.com. 
may I purchase once more? Maybe.
Notes shade is often described as an intense white champagne. I'd describe as a champagne obnoxious with a great deal of silver microglitter, the merchandise's spruce shiny in comparison with the extra spruce Shock Cheek merchandise I personal. The feel is often so bizarre... the merchandise seems like... squishy along with foam-like along with enjoyable to finger... I imply what?!? I sort of dig the merchandise. the merchandise's very easy creamy, along with silky which makes the merchandise spruce simple to use along with mix. the merchandise features a beautiful high-shine end to the merchandise of which I dig by my highlighters. Simply as a pointer in utilizing , I feel the merchandise works finest over, fairly than below, setting powder. You might put on the merchandise both approach nonetheless if you need of which beautiful glow, place the merchandise on high.

Please let me know should you personal a brand new feedback or questions.

Disclaimer: I bought myself.
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