Collection of Traditional Ways to Eliminate New Known Acne That You Can Know

Collection of Traditional Ways to Eliminate New Acne on Faces

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acne is a small bump that arises in your skin due to a clogged hair follicle. when the skin above the bump remains closed, the lump is called a whitehead. When the skin above the bump opens, the air image causes it to appear black and the appearance of a blackhead. Can be spelled out acne is a mild acne, but Can appear without the Causes of acne by any means present. the top of the blackhead, which appears on the surface of the skin, has a dark color. Typically, hair grows from the hair follicles in the pores, and the sebaceous glands that cause the sebum are underneath.


The following Collection of Traditional Ways of Eliminating Acne like the previous article but in this article there are some additional and more extensive introductions to overcome acne in the traditional way. in overcoming acne there are two to constitute a direct way to the beauty salon and also in its own way and naturally as we discuss below kak.

Collection of Traditional Ways to Eliminate Acne on the Newest Face

acne is a blockage of the skin that exists because of some buildup in dead skin cells that cause the pores closed. Acne usually arises around the face especially in the nasal area. if To Fast will not be cleaned then the acne will blacken and make the face so look rough.
Generally, acne appears in areas (forehead, nose, and chin), also under the eyes and cheek, do not get rid of acne by punching it, because instead it will stimulate it into a festering pimp that will aggravate the condition of the face, even Could cause infection. [1945909]

Maybe you many do not know what the trigger spots that we know with this acne.Rather than busy cleaning it, better prevent its emergence by avoiding the following four things.

  • Oily food
What you consume is very audible uh on the skin. Foods are fried, contain sugar and high carbohydrates can indeed adversely affect skin health conditions
Take note, if after you eat oily food and appear acne or acne, it means you are obliged To Fast reduce its consumption.
  • Alcohol and caffeine
You always start the day with coffee? Or, like drinking alcohol? Research shows that coffee and alcohol can have adverse effects on skin health
Caffeine stimulants turn out to stimulate the oil glands in the skin more actively. This is one of the triggers of acne, especially in the area of ​​T, is the forehead, nose, and chin. While alcohol will affect your sleep patterns. It also adversely affects the skin condition.

  • Cigarettes
Not only damaging the lungs, cigarettes also damage the beauty of the skin. According to skin experts, cigarette smoke contains amazing particles from burning ash and hazardous materials in any way. It will enter into the pores of the skin and clog. The effect is of course acne and acne, including damaging healthy skin cells and making more wrinkles appear To Fast.

  • Sleeping without cleansing
Allowing makeup still attached to the facial skin and you are sleeping, is a 'crime' for the skin. This bad habit is usually done by reason of fatigue.
In fact, not cleansing your face before going to bed, you're letting skin pores get clogged up with dirt and chemicals from makeup. The risk is not just acne will appear, but also acne and skin irritation.

Avoid lifestyle or bad habits above, then do pengramuanan your acne in a way Traditional Ways Eliminate acne below.

5. Traditional Ways of Eliminating Effective Acne

1. Egg and honey
Ways effectively to hide the first acne is to wear a mask of honey and egg whites. Mix egg white witha tablespoon of original honey, mix well. Apply on face until flatfor 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Perform this treatment everythe day before bed.

2. Salt of the kitchen
Use salt kitchen to wash your face. Dissolve onetablespoon salt in warm water, mix well. Use to washYour face, do this treatment at night. The salt content Canhelps reduce the oil in the face so that the acne is reduced.

3. Aloe vera
Materials this one, Can be used in two ways. The first You can consume it by juice and drink and the second Candirect for the mask. Apply aloe vera on the face of acne,let stand to dry and rinse with hygienic water.
4. Lemon
Orange juice lemon, powerful to get rid of acne. Cut lemoninto sections, and wipe in acne-prone areas. Acidcontained in a lemon capable of reducing oil in the face.

5. Orange peel mask
Orange peel (white, like fiber) canovercome inflamed acne. Take the ghastly orange skin and add water (not too much), mix it up into a mask (press up todestroyed). Rub on inflamed pimples, let stand for the night, morningnew rinse with hygienic water. Perform this treatment until the acne deflates.Collection of Traditional Ways Eliminate acne is the more you often do then the more to note the results. Happy tried.
After puberty, hormonal changes related to menstruation, pregnancy, and the use of birth control pills can also cause acne in women. Comedo words derive from the Latin comedere, meaning "eat Missing", and by historical means used to describe parasitic worms; In modern medical terminology, it is used to suggest a worm-like appearance of the expressed material. Infection causes inflammation and pus development. The skin condition is referred to as acne depending on the amount of acne and infection. acne, in essence acne open, Can appear on your body parts and make people Frustasi Asa because it is difficult to overcome.

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