balanced Honey & Rolled Oats Face cloak

balanced Honey & Rolled Oats Face cloak

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balanced Honey & Rolled Oats Face cloak

This will be considered one of my celebrated selfmade facials to originate as a result of I at all times personal some rolled oats (raw) of which personal already been by the processor in a jar able to be blended with the subsequent ingredient.

I made a decision to make the most of considered one of my extra celebrated elements together with the rolled oats, along with additionally of which ingredient will be honey.  I personal at present escape out of manuka honey so I used acacia honey as a substitute.  You possibly can make the most of a brand new sort of honey you personal, nevertheless, every sort of honey has its personal therapeutic properties along with additionally manuka honey will be the perfect variety on your pores and skin along with additionally for make the most of in cosmetics.


2 tbsp honey (Purchase Manuka Honey right here)
2 cups of rolled oats


Mix your rolled oats (raw along with additionally or the moment oats are fantastic) in a blender or meals processor so of which this generally is a finer texture.  Add the honey* to the combination along with additionally apply to your face utilizing your fingertips.  originate positive your face will be initially make-up free.  Depart the cloak on for 10 minutes along with additionally then rinse off completely with heat water along with additionally pat dry.  Bear in mind to at all times tone along with additionally then moisturize your pores and skin.
*Some individuals expertise burning along with additionally itching after they apply honey to their face.  When you enact, please take away the cloak instantly as you might be allergic.

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