Check of which Well This particular is actually Pancreatic Cancer - Living coming from Diagnosis to Death - The Diary of a Cancer Patient's Daughter

Health is actually often not in note when we're fine. A lot of factors play a role in staying healthy. In turn, Great health can decrease your risk of developing certain conditions. These include heart disease, stroke, some cancers, along with injuries. Before discussing Pancreatic Cancer - Living coming from Diagnosis to Death - The Diary of a Cancer Patient's Daughter, note of which A healthy diet can help you lower your cholesterol, as well. What you eat is actually closely linked to your health. When we start losing of which, of which's hard to believe we spent so long not valuing of which.

Pancreatic Cancer - Living coming from Diagnosis to Death - The Diary of a Cancer Patient's Daughter

One of the hardest things to do in life is actually to live once you've been told you are going to die. of which's as if life speeds up after you receive knowledge of which your days are ticking away on a finite clock of which you have no control over. One important thing of which I learned while experiencing the devastating affects of Pancreatic Cancer with my mother as she fought This particular distressing disease is actually of which of which is actually crucial to focus on the time of which you have rather than on the time you don't have. To me This particular article is actually a condensed variation of the Diary of Cancer Patient's Daughter as I explain what living with Pancreatic Cancer is actually like coming from diagnosis to death as I framed the picture of my mother's experience in my mind.

I wish along with pray of which you receive something out of these words birthed out of pain of which will bring you peace along with help you or your loved one which has a Cancer diagnosis live a little longer along with happier in spite of the sad reality you are facing. There are 7 D's in This particular Cancer Diary of which can help you manage the physical along with mental aspects of This particular awful disease. Remember of which what you don't do from the Cancer Crisis is actually just as important as what you do.

Entry # 1: The Diagnosis:

My mother Joyce was 66 years old when she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer during the summer of 2008. Though all Cancer is actually bad, Pancreatic Cancer is actually considered one of the worst because of which is actually the most difficult to diagnose. The reason is actually of which the symptoms mirror digestive problems as the disease hides from the depths of the digestive system. My mother had chronic pain in her stomach along with though she went to the emergency room more than once receiving numerous tests along with ultra sounds the doctors kept telling her nothing was wrong with her along with sent her home every time. Initially they thought of which was a problem with her gal bladder which is actually a common misdiagnoses from the case of Pancreatic Cancer.

Her Father Boyce whom she was named after died of Pancreatic Cancer 20 years earlier, yet the chance of which she could have of which very same thing never occurred to her or anyone else in our family. If Cancer runs in your family, especially Pancreatic Cancer, I would likely advise you to have regular screenings because of This particular disease as early diagnosis is actually a key to survival. One of the most deadly things about Pancreatic Cancer is actually of which because of which is actually so hard to diagnose most patients don't receive their diagnosis until they are already in Stage 4 of the Cancer when there is actually practically no wish.

The symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer include: abdominal pain along with pressure, jaundice, nausea, loss of appetite, depression, weight loss along with weakness. My mother had all symptoms except for jaundice. Just because a person is actually missing a common symptom doesn't mean they don't have Pancreatic Cancer. The most common procedures used to diagnosis This particular brutal disease are: Ultrasonography, CT Scanning, Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancretography, Endoscopic Ultrasound, MRI, along with Cholangiogram Percutaneous Transhepatic. I'm pretty sure my mother had all of these tests done along with of which can be very draining to endure such experiences, however of which is actually vital in obtaining a diagnosis. The results of her diagnosis showed of which there was a tumor on her pancreas blocking the flow of bile coming from her liver, as well as, the flow of enzymes coming from her pancreas. In her case the tumor was wrapped around a blood vessel along with surgery to remove the tumor was not actually an option. Very few surgeons from the country would likely have been able to successfully perform the surgery along with her chances of survival would likely have been slim to none. Even if she had of had the surgery her quality of life following of which was questionable. This particular surgery is actually commonly known as the Whipple Operation along with removes a large part of the pancreas, the duodenum along which has a portion of the bile duct

What do you do in This particular situation? You make the choice to live the best life from the time of which you have which is actually undetermined along with different for everyone. Suck every drop of joy out of life you can as quickly as possible. If we could turn back the clock along with do of which all over again the one thing we would likely do differently is actually have annual screenings for the disease conducted because had we done of which my mother might still be alive today. What you do in time can determine the time you have on This particular earth.

Many people allow the hands of time to cover their eyes to what they don't want to see. Open your eyes today along with if you have not been diagnosed with This particular disease begin to use preventative measures such as a healthy diet, exercise, along with regular checkups with your doctor.

Entry # 2: Denial:

We were in such disbelief after receiving the diagnosis we failed to take immediate action locked from the paralysis of our brand new found reality. One thing Cancer does not give you is actually time. of which big devil called denial must be dealt with. I can still hear my mother saying, "I can't have This particular...not me!" You must come to grips with what you have in order to get a grip on the situation. Sometimes I think of Cancer being more of an accident of health rather than a mistake of nature. All you can do which has a mistake is actually wish of which of which never happened yet accidents can be prevented. Maybe This particular is actually a little optimistic since Cancer tends to creep in like an unexpected thief to steal your most prized possessions. Even so, optimism is actually always stronger than pessimism along with of which merely means of which our powerful spirits encased in a fragile frame of flesh chooses to live.

Even people with diseases such as drug addiction along with alcoholism must come out of denial before they recover. I know Cancer survivors along with they are the same people of which became available of denial along with dealt with the disease. You will never take action in regards to something you don't believe.

Entry # 3: Drugs:

We live in a pill popping nation where there is actually a drug for every situation. One of the main problems with drugs is actually of which they mask symptoms yet fail to provide a cure. Drugs do their best to cover up the Cancer until the victim is actually covered with earth in a coffin. I keep hearing rumors of which there is actually a cure for Cancer yet the medical along with funeral industries are generating too much money off of the disease to Discharge the cure. I don't know if of which is actually true yet of which sure makes sense.

Though drugs were diagnosed to help my mother one of the first things we did which is actually extremely important for Pancreatic Cancer patients was to have a stint put in. Stints were inserted into the tubes leading coming from her liver along with pancreas to help them function along with This particular helped her to live a better life. In some cases, depending on the size of the tumor, of which is actually very difficult to insert stints yet there are several alternative methods along with procedures to accomplish the same effect. If you have a Great doctor he will inform you of all options. If you have a doctor of which doesn't tell you all the options; get another doctor.

My experience which has a mother with Pancreatic Cancer perfected a hatred in me for Morphine which is actually the pain medication my mother was put on. Since the pain caused by the Cancer is actually so intense our options were limited along with we wanted my mother to be able to live out her days as pain free as possible as I think anyone would likely. The Morphine altered her mind, changed her personality, along with caused aggression along with paranoia. The effects of the Morphine put the family in pain while relieving my mother's pain.

At times of which was as if she was out of her mind along with of which nearly drove us out of ours. She no longer trusted the people of which loved her along with many times would likely forget what she was saying from the middle of a sentence. The family told her many things over along with over again along with she wouldn't do them along with always forgot what we told her. To me Morphine kills a person before they die. of which kills their ability to convey the essence of who they truly are. There are alternatives for pain relief drugs yet I don't know how much better they are since we only dealt with Morphine.

of which amazes me how Patrick Swayze filmed a television series with Pancreatic Cancer refusing to take pain medications so he could concentrate on along with accomplish his work. I remember hearing him speak about preparing hours in advance of his shoots to be mentally along with physically prepared to accomplish every task in pain. I think drugs such as Morphine make a person die faster because of which arrests their mind. from the movie the Matrix if you've ever seen of which, Neo is actually doing the jump program with Morpheus along with falls. When he comes out of of which he is actually bleeding along with makes a statement to the fact of which he thought of which wasn't real along with Morpheus tells him of which the mind makes of which real along with of which the body cannot live without the mind. If you are mentally incapacitated, how can you make a conscious decision to fight for your life?

A glimmer of wish came to us while dealing with the madness of the Morphine which is actually an alternative pain treatment of which Cancer patients can receive of which deals with injecting alcohol around certain nerves to block the feelings of pain. My mother had This particular procedure done yet said of which of which didn't work. To This particular day I don't know if the treatment actually didn't work or if by the time she had of which she was

already addicted to the Morphine along with the pain she felt were the pangs of withdraw.

Unfortunately Morphine was only one wave from the ocean of drugs we had to deal with. There were digestive enzymes of which had to be taken prior to eating, beta blockers, heart medication, anxiety medication, insulin for the diabetes caused by the shut down of the pancreas, medication for indigestion, vitamins, blood thinners for blood clots along with so many medications we had to make an Excel spreadsheet just to keep track of them.

One of the effects of the disease of which had to be dealt with was extreme swelling of the abdomen along with feet to the point where diuretics were prescribed, fluid draw procedures had to be performed by using a needle to draw the fluid coming from the abdomen along with as for the feet; only house shoes could be worn. I found out of which the swelling was caused by the Cancer mainly due to the body's reaction to the tumor along with to the lack of protein from the blood disabling the bloods ability to hold fluid.

The things of which a person goes through with Cancer are almost endless. Every part of the body is actually affected; especially the mind, the will, along with the emotions. Based upon the experience I encountered with my mother a couple of additional crises we had to press through was the C Diph infection causing chronic diarrhea causing contact isolation of which is actually almost like quarantine to be implemented. My mother could barely eat along with we had to put on hospital gowns along with gloves to be from the room with her or even come in contact with her.

An episode we faced with internal bleeding caused by the rupturing of blood vessels was very traumatic along with hospitalized my mother after she passed out coming from weakness with her eyes rolling back in her head due to the extreme blood loss. Blood was in her bowels along with blood transfusions had to be issued in order to get her blood count back up to normal which is actually usually 14 along with hers was almost half of which. Had we not sought medical attention for her at of which time she could have died. generating sure of which you can recognize This particular, the symptoms are usually extreme weakness along with black loose bowels. I experienced the same thing when I was four years old along with diagnosed with acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis.

We tried chemotherapy which is actually extremely hard on the body, killing the Great cells along with the bad. Chemotherapy is actually like infusing your body which has a poison in order to get rid of another poison. For some people of which works yet sadly to say from the cases of Pancreatic Cancer of which is actually rarely effective. I am not a doctor along with therefore give no medical recommendations as to how to treat Cancer of the Pancreas yet in my own personal opinion along with experience through observation I would likely say if possible, find a better way.

There are alternative treatments, natural remedies, along with experimental treatments. A Cancer patient can seek studies of which are being conducted for the type of Cancer they have along with in many cases when they become a part of the study they can receive free or very low cost experimental treatments. One day one of these experimental treatments might be the answer. My mother used an experimental chemotherapy of which was available yet of which was too hard on her heart. One of her smaller tumors did disappear yet of which wasn't enough to save her.

Chemotherapy can carry such side effects as nausea, vomiting, along with decreased white blood cell counts. Historically, Chemotherapy has not been effective from the treatment of Pancreatic Cancer, yet there are more up to date treatments of which use an FDA approved agent called gemcitabine which has helped to shrink some tumors for Carcinoma of the pancreas.

At one point we went to see a naturalpathic doctor specializing in alternative Cancer treatments of which knew of a treatment of which had proved to be effective for Pancreatic Cancer. The name of the treatment is actually Intravenous - Lipoic Acid/Low-Dose Naltrexone Protocol. There are various articles along with information on This particular treatment for you to research along with intelligently consider.

Our problem with the treatment was of which one of the drugs prescribed for of which of which could only be filled at a compound pharmacy blocks the affects of opiates along with since my mother was on Morphine for pain a known opiate she plunged into a chronic pain episode of which caused her to lose coherency coming from the pain along with go to the emergency room where the only thing they could do to relieve her pain was to give her a drug strong enough to sedate her along with completely knock her out. of which was a tremendous setback in her treatment. The opiate blocking drug was supposed to be a very low dosage of which should not have negatively affected her so if This particular particular treatment is actually chosen I would likely do extensive research along with make ample preparations before trying of which.

When you are personally dealing with Cancer or know someone close to you of which is actually, you will find out quickly of which everyone carries a product to sell you of which they claim has cured someone coming from Cancer. Maybe they have along with maybe they haven't. Again, I remember watching an interview with Barbara Walters along with Patrick Swayze when he said something to the effect of, "If you had a miracle cure for Cancer you would likely be rich along with everyone would likely know you so just shut up." We tried several products along with ordered everything we thought could make a difference or be a cure. I'm going to share with you two things of which you can buy on your own of which we didn't get a chance to try because we found out about them too late. I don't know of which they work, yet its worth a try as anything is actually when you or someone you love is actually dying.

You can search YouTube along with find videos on the banking soda Cancer treatment along with you can search the Internet to find articles of which specifically discuss the use of asparagus to treat Cancer. There is actually so much more I could say about different treatments along with drugs yet instead of going on along with on about This particular subject I will instead give you a few helpful hints.

Helpful Hint #1: If you are strong enough to do of which, aerobic exercise helps Chemotherapy patients by ridding the toxins in their system coming from Chemotherapy through sweat. I read an article once about a lady with Cancer of which felt too sick to do aerobics when her coworkers kept inviting her to class because they didn't know she had Cancer. She started off the classes eventually along with felt sick at first along with then started off feeling better. She sweated the toxins out along with one year later was teaching the class Cancer Free.

Helpful Hint #2: When a Cancer patient's veins are to the point where of which is actually extremely difficult to draw blood or administer IV medication a Central Line which is actually a port for IV along with medication inserted into the jugular vein by ultrasound can be Great. I witnessed the pain of my mother as she was poked multiple times with attempts to draw blood along with insert IV's. Save yourself This particular pain which has a Central Line.

Helpful Hint #3: Keep a positive attitude along with laugh as often as possible. The Bible says of which laughter doeth the heart Great like a medicine. Sometimes simple laughter will do more for a Cancer patient than any drug. Laughter heals along with of which makes a person's time on This particular earth more enjoyable. Talk about funny memories coming from the past with family along with friends along with laugh, laugh, laugh! You deserve of which! Mental support is actually important. Encourage, speak positive things, along with most of all be there for the person of which you know of which has Cancer. Cancer along with all the things a person goes through with of which are scary. I coached my mom along with encouraged her along with told her she could make of which when she didn't think she could. Encouragement in love can add time to a Cancer patient's life. Ask lots of questions along with gain as much knowledge as possible. If a drug or treatment you or a Cancer patient you know is actually on doesn't seem right; talk to the doctor about of which because there is actually always an alternative.

Entry # 4: Disappointment:

Normally in life there are disappointments. When you already have a disappointing disease, disappointment can be magnified. What do you do when the Chemo doesn't work? How do you react when the miracle cure you found out about doesn't cure? How do you deal with setbacks of which surface along the way? What you do is actually keep going, keep trying, along with don't give up. of which is actually important to express disappointment along with acknowledge of which as long as of which doesn't take you captive. Just having the disease is actually disappointing, not to mention all of the obstacles encountered while dealing with the disease. Disappointment is actually not only experienced by the Cancer victim yet by the family along with friends of which love of which person so much.

I was working on my MBA when my mother was diagnosed with Cancer. Since she was already in Stage 4 of Cancer when she was diagnosed we found out shortly after the diagnosis of which the Cancer had spread to her lungs along with additional areas of her body. I can remember the day I found out about of which. I started off crying at work along with couldn't stop along with had to leave the office. I know what of which feels like to try along with hold tears in along with there is actually nothing you can do to keep them held in your eyes. I know what of which is actually to cry until your stomach jerks in along with out along with snot comes out of your nose along with you feel like throwing up. My mother was my best friend along with because of of which I am well acquainted with disappointment.

I always wondered how the people with these miracle stories of which publish these books about overcoming Cancer did of which. Their methods worked for them with no doubt yet my mother was in such a bad state she couldn't even do most of the things these books said to do along with of which was so disappointing. I wished I could speak with these people personally just to ask them...HOW? How did you do of which?

One of the greatest challenges faced was of which my mother was a Minister along with Pastor along with she had a lot of people praying for her as she even believed for her own healing. Father Yah (God) is actually a healer yet He doesn't always heal along with there is actually always a question of why for those of which are not healed. Dottie Olsteen the wife of the late Pastor John Olsteen of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas currently pastured by Joel Olsteen at one time had terminal Liver Cancer. Dottie gathered together the healing scriptures coming from the Bible along with began to speak them over herself three times a day like a medicine prescription along with was totally along with completely healed.

Why her along with not my mother? I don't know. Maybe Yah (the name for almighty God the Creator in Hebrew) was ready for my mom to come home with Him. All I can tell you is actually of which disappoint can along with will come in many forms. The best cure for disappointment is actually to overcome with an attitude of thankfulness, accepting of which you don't know the reason for all things yet you do know of which there is actually a reason along which has a purpose for all things. Stay positive while keeping your mind along with spirit open to whatever might happen. Disappointment comes when something additional than what you expect or anticipate happens. With Cancer you have to be prepared for the success or failure of anything along with everything. Be encouraged; you are stronger than disappointment. Don't let of which catch you off guard yet be prepared for of which. Know of which for every disappointment there is actually a triumph on the additional side.

Entry # 5: Diet:

Anyone with Cancer should reconstruct their diet to contain the foods of which fight against along with can even cure Cancer. Eat along with drink substances of which are non-acidic, alkaline, along with highly concentrated with antioxidants. Research to find Cancer healing foods.

One of the most important things to do is actually to drink a lot of water. Water is actually the source of life along with the human body is actually mostly composed of water. There is actually an author of which wrote a book called, "You Aren't Sick You're Just Thirsty" talking about the importance of water along with its affects on the body.

Diet is actually a rough subject with Pancreatic Cancer because you can know all the right things to eat along with not be able to consume them. The affects of the disease on the digestive system makes of which very hard to eat along with drink. The patient may lose their appetite along with even if they do have an appetite, once they eat of which can make them feel sick. Pancreatic Cancer sabotages the digestive system.

One thing of which helped us was some information we found on dill pickles of which assists from the digestion of food. In many instances when someone with Pancreatic Cancer or additional digestive problems eats a dill pickle with each meal of which helps to counteract the digestive problems so they can eat in comfort along with keep the food down for nutrition to the body.

There are also drugs available to enhance the appetite, yet if dill pickles can also be eaten with every meal of which should help greatly as well. Since Pancreatic Cancer patients have difficulties in eating along with tend to lose a lot of weight, dietary supplements such as protein shakes are suggested which are ingested easier with the use of a straw. Peanut butter can be added to the shakes to boost the calorie content along with nutritional value of the shake. Another suggestion is actually to eat very little meals all throughout the day. The Cancer patient may not feel like eating yet in order to live they must FORCE themselves to eat. Lack of food along with liquid can kill quicker.

Vitamin D fights Cancer along with freshly juiced vegetable juices containing the juice coming from green leafy vegetables can be extremely helpful especially when drank right after juicing when vitamin content along with living substance is actually at a high level. The external diet is actually also important which consists of Epson salt baths of which help to heal along with Discharge toxins coming from the body.

We all know the saying, "You are what you eat." Eat what is actually alive along with of which will help you stay alive. The first 3 letters of the word diet is actually the word die. Don't let what you are eating kill you. Since Cancer patients many times have to give up foods they love in order to live, of which is actually great if the family can conform to their diet in support of their dietary efforts. Some foods make Cancer grow like simple sugars. Cut the sugar out of your diet along with use a natural alternative like Stevia to sweeten foods. Stevia is actually a naturally sweet leaf of which is actually available in powder along with liquid form to sweeten foods along with use in recipes. I am a big Bible reader so I love of which Stevia is actually a leaf because the Bible says of which the leaves shall be used for the healing of the nations. additional well-known artificial sweeteners can actually be poisonous to the body so be careful with them along with avoid them if possible.

Entry #6: Death:

Even when you know someone is actually going to die, nothing actually prepares you for the affects, effects, along with real life reactions to of which death. Everyone's experience is actually different, along with I will share my personal experience with you hoping of which will help you in some way. I can remember my mom looking at me one night along with saying to me, "I'm dying!" I didn't know what to say back because even though I knew she had Cancer along with death seemed inevitable, I refused to accept the fact the she was actually going to die.

We took her to the hospital on a Thursday along with the very next day they wanted to send her to hospice. Hospice is actually a great along with awful place all at the same time. Great due to the care along with support along with painless exit for the patient coming from This particular world they provide. Awful because you know of which of which is actually the last place you will be with the one you love. Hospice facilities are very comfortable along with they give you a chance to say goodbye even if you don't want to. No one does. Please know of which you aren't the only one going through This particular; neither are you the only one of which has ever gone through This particular.

Counselors are provided, as well as, chaplains for spiritual support along with prayer. You will receive a booklet explaining the death process which helps you know when death is actually near. During This particular process, give the Cancer patient a lot of love, comfort along with support, along with make sure you yourself get ample food along with rest. Speak to your loved one while they are responsive along with even after they are in a drug induced comma because they can still hear you. Be sure not to be selfish along with Discharge them to pass on so they won't linger on in suffering. of which is actually all I will say about the hospice experience as you will learn more as you are actually in of which. This particular is actually the time to meet with the funeral home along with make preparations for the funeral along with burial. You won't want to do This particular, yet of which is actually necessary along with will help smooth out the process. Overall, hospice is actually a place to say your final goodbyes.

Entry # 7: Debt:

My dad only had enough life insurance to cover my mom's funeral, along with This particular is actually not recommended. The moment a Cancer diagnosis is actually in place get as much checkup free insurance as you can get. For some reason the bill collectors don't understand the word death, along with you can be stuck with bills of which increase your sorrow after your loved one is actually gone. You will need a living will for your patient to be able to make medical decisions for them along with you also need a power of attorney to deal with their accounts way before a death experience is actually upon you. You may have to handle business matters of which they can't deal with while they are still alive along with after they have passed on.Also make sure a will is actually in place so you don't have to deal with probate. Some accounts are easily closed after death simply by submitting a copy of the death certificate to the creditor along with of which is actually important to see if insurance is actually in place to pay off accounts upon death such as mortgages.

I have shared my heart, soul, along with intimate personal experience with you in This particular article to the best of my ability. of which should not take a crisis such as Cancer for us to become mortgage along with debt free yet if something such as Cancer arises I know of which being mortgage along with debt free can be one less worry. Work to reduce or delete your debts as much as possible. My dad would likely have more freedom along with options today had his house been paid off when my mother passed. In addition to medical bills there were some prescriptions of which cost $800 for a 10-day supply after our prescription benefits ran out. Death along with sickness know nothing of the extra financial burdens of which can increase along with extend sorrow.

You will feel the pain of your loss for awhile along with of which will be absolutely unbelievable for a very long time, yet you will get through of which. Remember the Great times, look at pictures of life, along with hear the voice of your loved one live on in your mind along with spirit forever. I wish you abundant peace. If you would likely like to find out how to get a copy of the book I've written in hopes of helping people deal with the loss of a loved one, please call or email me.