Check the item Well Here The Simple Facts Why There's So Much Cancer right now Days

We know which there can be a greater risk of heart disease for people who have depression. Having a Great social life with family as well as friends can help. Before discussing The Simple Facts Why There's So Much Cancer right now Days, note which Being overweight can increase your risk of heart disease. Stick to a healthy, do a balanced diet low in fat as well as sugar, with plenty of fruit as well as vegetables, combined with regular physical activity. To ensure which you stay as healthy as possible, we've outlined a guide which should help you do just which -- detailing your physical, mental, as well as emotional health.

The Simple Facts Why There's So Much Cancer right now Days

Cancer, our number two killer, our modern day scourge has, since the end of the last Great War, been skyrocketing. Despite vast amounts of money being spent on research, are we any closer to reducing the cancer rate?

I've been lucky enough to have travelled, have been to many third world countries as well as when in these countries I like to observe how people live. Several facts with cancer which are clearly obvious, the more developed the country, the more chances one has of getting the item. Looking at cancer statistics for all cancers through the "World Health Organization" (WHO) for the year 2002, for every 100 people which get cancer inside the United States of America

  • 0 will get the item in Australia
  • 70 in Greece
  • 50 in Chile
  • 30 in China
  • 15 in Botswana
  • 10 in Vanuatu.

We are still travelling as well as over the last 3 years we have spent many months living in Vanuatu. We have got to know many of the local people, especially inside the isolated northern islands. They don't get cancer, I've asked, also talked to doctors as well as been to their hospitals nevertheless we do so why? Let's look at the different ways these people live, firstly at the food they eat.

  • The majority of their food is usually fresh, grown locally where they live. They don't use fertilizers or sprays.
  • Most of our food is usually commercially grown using artificial fertilizers as well as sprays.
  • The only processed food they use is usually a little rice, flour as well as maybe sugar.
  • Processed food today forms a huge part of our diet.
  • They eat very little meat, some chicken, free range of course as well as home raised pork.
  • We are big meat consumers.
  • They eat no dairy products.
  • We eat dairy products everyday.
  • They don't use salt.
  • Statistics tell us we consume 10 grams per person per day.
  • They quench their thirst with coconut milk or water.
  • We drink tea, coffee, soft drink as well as alcohol.
  • Children have as a snack, paw paw, banana or some taro.
  • Our children eat as a snack biscuits, chippies or lollies.
  • They live in houses which are made of natural products.
  • Our houses are made of products which use many chemicals, boric-treated timber as well as formaldehyde an insidious poison which's in curtains, carpets, upholstery as well as particle board flooring.
  • They don't use personal care products.
  • We have a vast array of products which we apply directly to our porous skin; nearly all are through the petro-chemical industry as well as many are known to be carcinogenic.
  • They get plenty of exercise because there are few roads so they have to walk.
  • We no longer get exercise as we have a car to take us where we want to go.

right now I'm sure you don't want to live the way they live or eat the food they eat everyday, nevertheless we can learn through them.   Cancer is usually a disease of a weak immune system which has been weakened through a lifetime of wrong eating, the use of too many chemicals as well as our lack of exercise. The first requirement of a person with cancer is usually to strengthen their immune system which is usually of course your guardian angel, our built-in repair system which keeps us healthy.  

The way to strengthen your immune system is usually to eat the food which's been designed for the human being, as well as they are fresh fruit as well as vegetables. One also needs to remove the food which suppresses the immune system, as well as they are processed food as well as food which is usually high in fat, salt as well as refined sugar. In addition, one should remove all chemicals through their lifestyle which is usually building up toxins within the body as well as of course get some exercise. We need exercise as the item's only through muscular activity which the immune system will function properly. the item doesn't have a pump like the heart; nevertheless relies on muscular contractions to circulate the lymph, which is usually the immune system fluid.


The importance of oxygen inside the body was discovered back in 1931 by Dr Otto Warburg, a German biochemist who won his first Nobel Prize for the discovery which oxygen deficiency as well as cell fermentation are part of the cancer process. He stated which cancer is usually caused by a lack of oxygen inside the cells as well as which cancer will occur whenever a cell is usually denied 60% of its oxygen requirements.  

We don't have a cure for cancer today nevertheless only expensive ineffective treatments. The problem with these is usually which they deal solely with the symptom of the disease, which is usually the cancer growth nevertheless give scant regard to the all important reason why the disease arrived inside the first place. We all know someone who's had their cancer treated medically with seeming success only to find a few months or years later the item has returned. The way to become cancer free is usually through knowledge as well as education as well as applying a bit of common sense. When one removes the factors which caused the problem inside the first place, the human body with the aid of a healthy immune system incorporates a much greater ability to remove the cancer, slowly as well as surely as well as permanently. Isn't which what we are trying to achieve?  

We all regard the curing or healing of cancer as a complicated science nevertheless the facts are the item only requires simple improvements. True cures for cancer will only be achieved when a person stimulates their own bodies defence system as well as there are only natural ways to do which which are easy to carry out.

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