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We know in which there can be a greater risk of heart disease for people who have depression. You know in which exercise as well as a Great diet can keep your heart healthy. Before discussing Labeled Diagram of Coronary Heart Health, understand if Being overweight can increase your risk of heart disease. Stick to a healthy, do a balanced diet low in fat as well as sugar, with plenty of fruit as well as vegetables, combined with regular physical activity. Health is actually often not in note when we're fine. A lot of factors play a role in staying healthy. In turn, Great health can decrease your risk of developing certain conditions. These include heart disease, stroke, some cancers, as well as injuries.

Labeled Diagram of Coronary Heart Health
diagram of the human heart
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Heart disease as well as stroke is actually a form of disease in which is actually very frightening. Even right now in Indonesia, heart disease ranks first as cause of death.
Heart disease as well as stroke are often considered to be the monopoly of the parents. Formerly, the diseases suffered by the parents, especially those aged 60 years as well as over, because age is actually also one of the factors affected the risk of heart disease as well as stroke.
yet right now This specific trend is actually also suffered by patients under the age of 40 years. This specific can occur because of lifestyle improvements, particularly on young people in modern urban areas.
When the era of globalization increasingly easy to obtain information, developing countries can immediately imitate western countries customs in which are considered modern mirror the pattern of life. numerous behaviors such as consuming food prepared food (fast food) in which contain high saturated fat content, smoking habits, alcohol, excessive work, lack of berolah sport, as well as stress, has become a style of life, especially in urban areas. While all This specific behavior may be the factors in which cause heart disease as well as stroke.
Risk Factors Heart Disease & Stroke
There are various kinds of heart disease, yet heart disease is actually generally ditakuti is actually due to coronary heart attack at the age of productive as well as can cause a heart attack as well as sudden death. The cause of coronary heart disease is actually the refinement as well as stoppage coronary arterial duct.
Constriction as well as coronary arterial duct stoppage caused by the cumulation of oxygen-fat substances (cholesterol, trigliserida) in which the longer the more, as well as accumulate within the bottom layer in most (endotelium) of the carotid wall. This specific is actually to reduce or stop the flow of blood to the heart muscle in order in which the work the heart as blood blower. Dominant effect of coronary heart is actually losing oxygen as well as nutrient flow to the heart due to decreased blood to the heart. The formation of arterial plaque in fat will affect the formation of blood clot in which will encourage the occurrence of heart attack.
There are four main factors cause heart disease, namely:
1. smoking is actually too excessive for many years
2. measure of blood fat (cholesterol) is actually high
3. high blood pressure
4. diabetes
Like heart disease, stroke is actually also closely related with the disruption of blood vessel. Stroke occurs due to interruption of blood flow to the brain. If there is actually a lack of regional brain blood supply is actually suddenly as well as the nerves of the appropriate brain regions affected. Forms can be paralyzed side (hemiplegia), the reduced strength of the body (hemiparesis), speech disturbances, taste disturbances (sensation) within the skin of the face, arm or leg.
Risk factors for the occurrence of stroke has similarities with the heart disease risk factors, namely:
* Smoking
* Hypertension
* High blood fat level
* Diabetes mellitus
* Disturbance vein / heart
* The high number of red blood cells
* Obesity (Obesity)
* Lack of physical activity / sports
* Drink alcohol
* the item drugs (Drugs)
Preventing Heart Disease as well as Stroke with the pattern of Healthy Lifestyle
Prevention efforts to avoid heart disease as well as stroke begins with improving lifestyle as well as controlling risk factors will reduce the chance of disease is actually affected.
For the prevention of heart disease & stroke avoid Obesity / overweight as well as high cholesterol. Start by consuming more vegetables, fruits, grains, as well as different fibrous food fish. Less meat, snacks (cemilan), as well as the food berkalori high as well as contains many different saturated fat. Foods in which contain lots of cholesterol buried within the blood vessel walls as well as cause aterosklerosis which the trigger heart disease as well as stroke.
Quitting smoking is actually the target to be achieved, as well as avoiding cigarette smoke by the environment. Smoking causes reduced blood vessel elasticity, thereby increasing blood vessel arterial stiffening, as well as increase the blood coagulation factors in which trigger heart disease as well as stroke. Smokers contain the opportunity infected coronary heart as well as stroke about two times higher compared with non-smokers.
Reduce alcohol. The more alcohol consumption, then the type of stroke, especially the higher hemoragik. Alcohol can increase blood pressure, weaken the heart, blood coagulate as well as cause arterial strain.
Make Sports / physical activity. Sports can help reduce body weight, controlling cholesterol level, blood pressure as well as decrease the risk factors are affected by different heart as well as stroke
Control high blood pressure as well as blood sugar. Hypertension is actually the main factor affected by stroke as well as coronary heart disease. Diabetes also increases the risk of stroke 1,5-4 times, especially when blood sugar is actually not restrained.
Avoid the use of prohibited drugs such as heroin, cocaine, amfetamin, because drugs drugs can increase the risk of stroke 7-fold compared with the non-drug users.