Check which Well Here Heart Attack - Treatments along with drugs

We know which there can be a greater risk of heart disease for people who have are socially isolated. You know which exercise along which has a Great diet can keep your heart healthy. Before discussing Heart Attack - Treatments along with drugs, note which Being overweight can increase your risk of heart disease. Stick to a healthy, do a balanced diet low in fat along with sugar, with plenty of fruit along with vegetables, combined with regular physical activity. When Body Fit is usually something which is usually easy to take for granted. A lot of factors play a role in staying healthy. In turn, Great health can decrease your risk of developing certain conditions. These include heart disease, stroke, some cancers, along with injuries.

Heart Attack - Treatments along with drugs
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During a heart attack, take immediate action. The following steps:

* Call for emergency medical assistance. If you have a heart attack, I think, do not hesitate. Call 911 or your local emergency number. If health care, you will have access to the nearest emergency hospital. Driving only a last resort, if there is usually no choice. Driving: Do you own along with various other people in danger if the situation deteriorates.
Nitroglycerin all *. If your doctor has prescribed nitroglycerin, the direction of the bend is usually awaiting emergency medical personnel.

If someone, heart attack, training for first aid along with emergency medical cases within the search, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is usually started off can be found unconscious. This kind of makes the body along with the spirit of oxygen. If training is usually not an emergency procedure, doctors recommend skipping the mouth rescue breathing along with go directly to chest compression. If the 100 chest compressions per minute.

The first day, This kind of heart attack, ventricular fibrillation, which can lead to heart conditions vibrates unnecessarily. Emergency will result in sudden death by ventricular fibrillation. For emergency care within the normal rhythm of the heart attack which carries a heart for the first shocks (AED) automated external defibrillator use, reaching the hospital.

When a hospital emergency, along with we, of course, heart attack, can be treated with medications along with invasive procedures, or both to spend - determine the amount of violence along with damage to the heart is usually for you.

Every minute, after a heart attack, network, lack of oxygen along with die, or worse. Rapid recovery of blood to prevent progressive damage to the main road.

Medicine within the treatment of heart attack include:

* Aspirin. Aspirin on arrival emergency medical personnel or hospital can be reached. Aspirin to prevent blood along with the blood which help blood vessels to narrow. Time to take aspirin in touch with your doctor if you have symptoms of heart attack.
* Thrombolytics. This kind of drug, known as clot-Busters to help the blood clot blocks blood flow to the heart. nevertheless after a heart attack you have received trombolytische drugs, there is usually still opportunity to minimize injury along with to heart.
* Superaspirins. Doctors in many places such as various other drugs aspirin to prevent fresh clots along with can do so. Type This kind of (Plavix) Clopidogrel along with including various other drugs have platelet IIb / IIIA receptor blockers.
Dilution * various other blood products. Heparin as a blood "sticky" along with less dangerous along with less likely to cause, various other medication. Heparin intravenously, along with usually the first administration or injection under the skin for days after a heart attack is usually used.
* Analjezik are. If chest pain or pain in May along with most of the pain, like morphine, they will help the problem.
* Nitroglycerin. Drugs, arterial blood vessels to the chest pain (angina pectoris) along with heart blood flow by increasing the treatment used.
* Beta-blockers. This kind of product is usually to reduce blood pressure along with heart function along with to slow the heart rate to help the heart muscles relax. Beta blockers for myocardial injury is usually limited along with within the future to prevent heart attack.
* Low cholesterol drugs. Example of statins, niacin, fibrates along with bile acid sequestrants include. If the heart attack immediately after the data to improve the life of the product along with helps reduce blood cholesterol levels can be a useful along with unwanted.

Operations along with procedures
Drugs within the month of May, as within the treatment of heart attack is usually one of the following:

* Angioplasty along with coronary services tax. Emergency coronary angioplasty, the more blood Charter to open the main road is usually blocked. If your doctor carries a long, thin tube through the arteries along with feet (Catheter), usually as a blocked heart artery. Balloon catheters have a tip. Then during a balloon tip to begin to grow blocked coronary arteries. At the same time each metal stent can be placed along with remain open long artery, blood flow to the heart. Depending on the situation, the doctor for medication stent to keep arteries open space covered which has a slow Discharge of the decision.

Angioplasty along with coronary coronary catheterization (angiography), a procedure which doctors along with the first to find the heart along with the vascular contraction. To get a heart angioplasty for treatment, the sooner the better. If the days or weeks after the angioplasty performed in May, blocked blood vessels, strong, nevertheless there is usually no advantage.
* Surgical revascularisation. In rare cases, doctors surgery for heart attack in May which emergency operations are applied. Arteries along with coronary arteries or veins outside the CABG parking congestion or decreased (one part) was due to heart along with blood. Or doctor suggested This kind of procedure to recover by heart attack when the heart is usually time.

Blood along with circulatory system along with heart after a heart attack after returning to a stable condition, the hospital can be a perception. Because physical along with emotional stress on the heart, you must rest. Visitors are usually limited to family along with friends.

The goal of emergency treatment as a result of a heart attack, heart blood along with tissue shows which saved. Next target treatment to promote healing for the heart along with the second is usually to prevent heart attack.

In early May, quite a few hospitals offer heart rehabilitation program at the hospital, along with severity of attacks for a period of several weeks, several months after you return. Heart rehabilitation programs generally have three main areas - drugs, lifestyle alterations along which has a focus on emotional problems.

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