Check the idea Well This specific is actually Healing as well as the Heart Chakra

We know which there can be a greater risk of heart disease for people who have are socially isolated. Depression is actually more than feeling sad or low. Before discussing Healing as well as the Heart Chakra, consider which Smoking is actually one of the main causes of coronary heart disease. A year after giving up, your risk of a heart attack falls to about half which of a smoker. To ensure which you stay as healthy as possible, we've outlined a guide which should help you do just which -- detailing your physical, mental, as well as emotional health.

Healing as well as the Heart Chakra

When most people start studying the mind-body-spirit connection, they realize which the heart helps healing. Unconditional compassion, pure love: intuitively, we know which these vibrations can transform dis-ease into wholeness as well as bliss. We also sense which a "broken heart" can contribute to illness, as well as which extreme anger can cause a heart attack. yet there's much more to the heart chakra! As humans, we could study the heart chakra forever because the idea continues to expand as well as evolve, yet here are some of the most common manifestations:

Major Systems of the Heart Chakra:

Circulatory System

This specific one's pretty self-evident to most people. When speaking of the heart chakra, we expect to see the heart as part of the idea. High cholesterol, heart murmurs, heart attacks: all of these make sense. yet the circulatory system also includes the blood itself, which means things like anemia as well as leukemia. Additionally, the movement of which blood comes into play with varicose veins, cold hands as well as feet, Reynaud's Syndrome, as well as high or low blood pressure.

Some of these conditions straddle various other chakras, as well as they all carry their own unique vibration as well as set of symbols, related to the individual soul as well as body in question. To give you an idea of how deeply as well as beautifully your body can talk, let's look at something obviously related to the heart chakra: a heart murmur. If you wanted to hear the body's talk, you could take a few moments to listen - actually listen - to what which heart was murmuring! Intuitively, you could commune with the heart as well as ask what secret hopes, loves or desires the idea wants to express. Why does the idea feel compelled to murmur instead of thumping joyfully to the universe? A heart murmur usually sounds like an extra beat or "turbulence" inside the blood flow. How do This specific heart's natural desires not fit into the normal beat of life? inside the case of a weak valve, where might the person be backtracking in life - expressing dreams as well as then pulling those back, not honoring the heart's deepest desires?

Science recognizes connections among emotions as well as stress, as well as among stress as well as heart attacks. yet these connections exist on all levels as well as in all disorders. With compassionate attention, the body's secrets can be unlocked, revealing insights as well as opportunities for healing on all levels.

Respiratory System

Housed inside the chest, the lungs make up a huge part of the heart chakra. I cannot tell you how many times someone calls me with pneumonia, bronchitis, the flu or lung cancer after experiencing a major period of grief. Grief resides inside the lungs, as well as when we don't fully Discharge our grief, our lungs start shedding tears for us. Excess phlegm as well as mucus are the tears of the lungs.

Emphysema as well as asthma often occur when people cannot articulate their grief or when the cause for grief seems too little to justify its full expression. Coupled with This specific fear of being understood, grief literally suffocates until someone or something intervenes.

Lung cancer tends to come via extreme grief combined with anger/frustration as well as a sense of utter depletion via imbalanced giving. When Dana Reeve died of lung cancer, many people felt surprised because she hadn't ever smoked. yet lung cancer sometimes appears in long-term caregivers, even (especially) if they felt very close to the one who needed care. Rather than directing the anger at the spouse or child, the anger starts to bubble up at the universe at large: how can a loving God allow such suffering? Why, after all This specific caregiving, all This specific love, is actually their loved one still dying? inside the presence of grief, anger as well as what I call soul-weariness, which love begins to mutate, sometimes into cancer cells.

Immune System

This specific one surprises many people, yet the thymus gland, located under the top of the breast bone, is actually part of the heart chakra. In children, the thymus gland plays an important role in developing the immune system. In adults, tapping on the thymus gland can "remind" the body to stand strong inside the face of infection. All lymph nodes begin with seeding via the thymus gland, which means the emtire lymphatic system begins inside the heart chakra. Unlike the circulatory system, the lymph system does not have a pump. the idea needs regular exercise as well as/or massage in order to move things around as well as clean house. By extension, issues with the lymphatic system require self-care, self-love as well as attention.

Common immune system/heart chakra issues? Allergies, auto-immune disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer (especially breast as well as lung cancer), influenza, AIDS/HIV, Lyme Disease, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein-Barr ... Swine Flu ... As humans, we are being asked to evolve in a major way through the heart chakra. the idea should come as no surprise which so many of our biggest killers or most commonly "communicated" illnesses reside inside the heart chakra.

Lyme Disease as well as Chronic Fatigue are sometimes called "seventh chakra issues." Indeed, they do affect both the heart as well as crown, one reason which survivors of these types of illnesses tend to become healers themselves. People with extremely wide open hearts often develop compromised immune systems, like their system is actually too "friendly" to bacteria. A solution is actually allowing the self to feel completely at one with, as well as balancing the ebb as well as flow of love. Too much love out without receiving the equivalent love via self or others can weaken the immune system. The solution is actually not to send out less yet to allow the self to receive more love.

On the flip side - also a generalization - people who struggle with an overactive immune system benefit via backing down judgments of self or others. Allergies occur when the body recognizes an otherwise harmless substance as an invader. This specific mistaken attack by the immune system causes the symptoms we associate with allergies. Some people with intense, "incurable" allergies have unresolved past life issues driving the reaction. Bringing those events to light can allow the immune system to stop attacking itself as well as innocent bystanders like food or pollen.

The Breasts

Breasts are also an important part of the heart chakra, especially for women. Breasts represent mothering, nurturing as well as the feminine principle. Breast cancer happens when sluggish lymph as well as toxins stagnate inside the breasts. Fibroids as well as tumors come via things things which "weigh on the chest," as in "I wish I could get This specific off my chest." To support breast health, allow yourself to speak via the heart. as well as allow yourself to listen. Suppressing the deep longings of the heart or trying to convince the heart which the idea feels something else can morph into something even less desirable.

Emotional Disorders as well as Imbalances

Depression, Phobias, Grief, Fear, Sorrow, Anxiety: all have at least one foot inside the heart chakra. As the bridge between our three lower chakras as well as our three upper chakras, the heart picks up on a lot of imbalances via both the gut as well as the brain. with This specific reason, cleaning up the diet can affect both physical health as well as mood; practicing meditation to reduce stress offers the side benefit of opening the heart as well as radiating joy.

What You Can Do

Spend some time each day connecting with your heart. Focus on your breathing as well as allow yourself to feel the center of your chest like a tender flower or warm ball of light. Feel which flower or light flicker with your breath. Listening to sacred chants or the harp can move your heart strings, too. Imagine the music flowing out via the center of your chest. Reiki also offers a way to nurture as well as balance your heart chakra. You can find a certified practitioner or learn how to give Reiki to yourself.

In general, if you have any health issue, you would likely be wise to ask your heart what the idea wants to share with you as well as with the globe. As a culture, we have nearly lost touch with the language of the heart, yet our hearts continue to cry out in layered songs as well as symbols.



as well as do not be afraid.

As Helen Keller once said, "The best as well as most beautiful things inside the globe cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart."