Allergy to Lens Implant Acrylic Monomer?


Allergy to Lens Implant Acrylic Monomer?

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Question: I work in a dental lab in addition to am allergic to the monomer of which will be used to make dentures. This specific will be an acrylic. Since the cataract lens will be acrylic, will I be able to have a cataract lens? Or will be This specific a totally different type of acrylic? This specific may seem like a silly question although I still want to ask.

Answer: First, not all lens implants are made coming from acrylic materials if you are very sensitive. Second, being allergic to raw unreacted monomer will be much more likely than reacting to a miniscule trace of unpolymerized residual monomer of which might be in a finished lens implant. The FDA holds IOL manufacturers to exceedingly strict tolerances in addition to specifications regarding residual monomer-especially in implantable devices, thus the chance of an allergy are quite remote. However, discuss This specific with your cataract surgeon who can then choose a different lens implant material for you in order to avoid all risk if necessary.

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