Understand the item for a Moment This kind of is usually Cayenne Pepper along with Heart Health - is usually Cayenne a Cure For Heart Disease?

We know that will there can be a greater risk of heart disease for people who have are socially isolated. Depression is usually more than feeling sad or low. Before discussing Cayenne Pepper along with Heart Health - is usually Cayenne a Cure For Heart Disease?, consider that will Smoking is usually one of the main causes of coronary heart disease. A year after giving up, your risk of a heart attack falls to about half that will of a smoker. To ensure that will you stay as healthy as possible, we've outlined a guide that will should help you do just that will -- detailing your physical, mental, along with emotional health.

Cayenne Pepper along with Heart Health - is usually Cayenne a Cure For Heart Disease?

Cayenne pepper is usually one of the most powerful along with beneficial herbs known to mankind, yet unfortunately very few know of its efficacy. Cayenne pepper along with heart health should be synonymous for anyone with heart disease or cardiovascular issues yet the item is usually not. Due to the power along with might of Big Pharma along with their unholy alliance with the United States government, many Americans are simply unaware of natural herbs that will can dramatically improve their heart health.

"If This kind of is usually true, then why haven't the masses heard of the item?" you may ask. A fair question. In a word, money. Literally billions of dollars have been spent on heart disease care along with research, not to mention the billions on pharmaceutical drugs fighting cholesterol.

In fact, the number-one-selling drug inside US is usually Lipitor -- ostensibly sold to reduce cholesterol along with by extension heart disease. Cayenne could eliminate all that will along with that will is usually why the medical establishment doesn't want people to know about the item.

Before discussing the benefits of cayenne pepper along with heart health however, let's consider the result of the billions that will have been "invested" inside name of curing heart disease for if there is usually one fundamental criterion by which government along with medical institutional spending should be judged, the item should be by the results.

According to a May 25th, 2006 report by the BBC, heart disease is usually the biggest killer inside United Kingdom. Across the pond inside United States, the National Heart Foundation says, "Coronary heart disease is usually the single greatest cause of death for both men along with women inside US, eclipsing all additional causes, including cancer along with lung diseases. Every year more than 479,000 Americans die of coronary heart disease."

Clearly, the current allopathic (traditional Western medicine) approach is usually lacking.

The unholy collusion between government, pharmaceutical interests along with institutional medicine, with its powerful financial influence, pervades nearly every facet of society. Homeopathic medicine is usually not only derided yet persecuted along with even criminalized while allopathic medicine is usually deified as the only way to health.

In reality, the joining of the best of allopathic along with homeopathic interventions would likely be ideal, yet for that will to happen, results would likely have to be the final arbiter as to an intervention's effectiveness, not corporate along with governmental interests.

Background Info

So, what is usually cayenne? You probably recognize its name as a potent condiment often used in cooking, yet its value lies well beyond its culinary uses. the item is usually an herb that will is usually nothing short of amazing.

the item is usually a multi-talented herb that will is usually also known, although obliquely so, as African red pepper, American red pepper, Spanish pepper, capsicum, along with bird pepper. Cayenne is usually derived by two related plants. Specifically, the American variety (Capsicum minimum) is usually distinguished by its African counterpart the African birdseye cayenne (Capsicum fastigiatum) although both are highly beneficial to man. The African birdseye cayenne is usually the most pungent with smaller, yellowish red pods while the American variety is usually distinguished with its herb-sized plants along with larger fruit or pods.

The food value of cayenne is usually known, of course, yet its real value is usually as a medicinal along with nutritional herb. Its medical uses include using the item for wounds, heart disease, heart attacks, heart problems at large, ulcers, congestion, colds, chills, bleeding of the lungs, neuralgia, lumbago, hemorrhage, hemorrhoids, high along with low blood pressure, indigestion, along with kidney along with related problems. (This kind of is usually by no means a comprehensive list as to the herb's effectiveness.)

Cayenne is usually a stimulant along with as such is usually an activator, carrier, along with accentuator to additional herbs as well. Still, the item can along with should be used by itself. Let's discuss today some of those ancillary uses before we talk in depth about capsicum along with heart health.

Cayenne pepper anti-fungal properties are tangible although This kind of is usually not its primary health benefit. the item has been shown in some studies to be active against collectotrichum along with phomopsis, both of which are fungal pathogens. These important fungal pathogens affect strawberries along with additional fruits along with are not directly related to humans per se.

However, cayenne immune system benefits are of interest to researchers. Currently, the item is usually being studied by many nutritional supplement companies for its therapeutic along with nutritional benefits. If you desire a natural anti-fungal aid, garlic is usually preferred over cayenne for garlic has long been known for its anti-fungal properties. (In Russia, the item has long been called "the Russian penicillin.")

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Capsicum increases metabolism by immediately influencing the venous structure. the item is usually remarkable with its immediate effects on the circulatory system as the item feeds the vital elements into the cell structure of capillaries, veins, arteries along with helps adjust blood pressure to normal levels. Yes, cayenne pepper for high blood pressure is usually certainly one of its core uses, yet the item cleans the arteries as well.

the item also stimulates the peristaltic motion of the intestines along with aids in assimilation along with elimination. When taken internally, the item warms the body along with has even been used by some herbalist doctors to help severe frostbite as cayenne not only facilitates the healing of the flesh yet the item helps rebuild tissue as well.

Notwithstanding its hot taste, the item is usually superb for rebuilding the tissue inside stomach for the item actually facilitates rapid healing with stomach along with intestinal ulcers. Capsicum for ulcers is usually not something most would likely have considered due to its native calidity yet the author can testify to This kind of aspect of This kind of wonder herb.

Its Dramatic Effects

Dr. John Christopher, the famed natural herbalist, was persecuted relentlessly by the government while assisting patients in curing cancer, heart disease, pleurisy, tuberculosis, infertility, rheumatism, leukemia, along with additional maladies. One of his greatest stories in his long career was how he could instantly stop a heart attack if he could get the patient to drink a glass of warm cayenne water. In his writings, he said, "A teaspoon of cayenne should bring the patient out of the heart attack."

(While This kind of is usually not directly related to heart health, with internal hemorrhaging, if the patient can drink a glass of extra warm water with cayenne, Dr. Christopher wrote, "...by the count of ten the bleeding will stop. Instead of all the pressure being centralized, the item is usually equalized along with the clotting becomes more rapid.")

Perhaps today you can see why cayenne is usually regarded as a "miracle herb." With over 700,000 Americans experiencing a stroke each year along with almost half a million dying of heart disease, the cure to a healthy heart is usually as close as your local grocery store. The cayenne detoxification drink, when taken religiously, will dramatically improve your heart health as well as your venous structure.

Side Effects of Cayenne Pepper

What are the side effects of cayenne pepper? What are its bad points? Well, the item is usually certainly hot to the taste. Drinking what the author calls the cayenne detoxification drink is usually not for the faint of heart (on second thought perhaps the item is usually!). When starting to drink the cayenne pepper detoxification drink, the item tends to come out of the body's orifices using a burning sensation.

Not to worry, though. the item is usually very beneficial. In fact, capsicum will help clear up hemorrhoids if taken regularly -- especially if the hemorrhoid sufferer improvements their diet to one more rich in fiber.

To mitigate its heat, the author suggests starting with just a half a teaspoon of cayenne in a glass of eight ounces of lukewarm water (or even less if desired). Have another glass of just water nearby as drinking cold water after the cayenne drink will help mitigate the calidity of the drink's after effects. Yes, you can take the item in capsule form yet its effects won't be immediate the way the item would likely be by direct application.

There are also some who suggest combining lemon water along with cayenne for fast metabolism. (There are also some who think that will a combination of cayenne lemon fat burn facilitates adipose loss. that will is usually debatable, yet drinking a concoction of lemon water along with cayenne for fast metabolism is usually certainly more palatable.)

Drinking the capsicum detoxification drink daily will produce noticeable benefits, along with the body will acclimate very quickly to its native heat. Within a month or two, you will be able to drink a tablespoon of capsicum without too much discomfort.

Yes, you could go on a cayenne fruit diet, yet drinking the item is usually easier along with more convenient. One last comment: no significant side effects have been reported. Of course, taking too much of anything is usually not healthy, a problem never truly attributed to cayenne due to its heat. In terms of health side effects, there are none. As with all things, though, use with discretion along with wisdom.


If you are concerned about your heart health, or if you are suffering by heart ailments, cayenne should be a daily staple in your diet. This kind of incredible herb is usually a wonder along with can tremendously affect your health. Cayenne is usually one of the greatest health secrets inside globe.

Cayenne certainly is usually a great condiment, used with panache by great cooks along with chefs, yet its true value lies in its medicinal qualities. Slowly along with surely, its remarkable benefits are gaining awareness by a public becoming increasingly disenchanted by traditional medicine's non-causal approach. Perhaps today you can see why cayenne is usually a prince among herbs.