Understand the item for a Moment Here fresh Cervical Cancer Screening to Hit World Wide Market

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fresh Cervical Cancer Screening to Hit World Wide Market

that will fresh cervical cancer screening still involves a pap smear,nevertheless the item reduces the number of false positives inside the result of testing. There is actually also some other adjustments that will make the screening more cost effective.

Biodis is actually the name of that will biotechnology distributor that will will launch their fresh product to many countries of the planet. Citofem is actually the name of the actual test.

"There are only two major pap smear products on the market today, today
with Citofem(R), there is actually a third. that will Pap test kit however, offers
the highest sensitivity at the lowest cost, generating that will a powerful
weapon inside the battle against cervical cancer worldwide," said Kent
Erickson, Vice President of Sales for North America.

Why is actually that will screening pap smear product better than the some other two on the market? Citofem give the same superior results as the some other two previous tests nevertheless the item allows for a manual procedure that will is actually very easy to replaces the purchase of expensive lab equipment.The process is actually extremely efficient with just one
cytotechnologist processing on average over 750 slides per day.

Citofem results in a significant reduction in false negatives,
increasing the diagnosis of the disease in its early stages," said
Dr. Ladly Abraham, Chief Medical Officer of Biodis. "Citofem is actually also
responsible for a reduction in inconclusive results arising coming from
atypical squamous cells (ASC). the item also results inside the increased level
of detection of low grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (LSIL) and also also also
high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (HSIL). We're very
excited about Citofem because the item's the most complete system for the
early detection of cervical cancer, in that will the item obtains a much higher
population of endocervical cells inside the sample."

Top Honors For the Outstanding Innovation of the development of  Citofem Pap Smear Screening.

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