Understand the idea for a Moment Here brand-new Biomarkers Have Been Developed to Help Monitor Cancer Treaments

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brand-new Biomarkers Have Been Developed to Help Monitor Cancer Treaments

Biomarkers are used in helping oncologists to diagnose several types of cancer. They are also used to monitor chemotherapy along with radiation treatment in order for the doctor to know if they are killing the cancer cells. brand-new biomarkers have been developed to provide more options in helping the different areas of oncology to treat patients.    


Lee Biosolutions Inc. has expanded its line of biomarkers to include products used to track epithelial ovarian cancer, breast cancer along with liver cancer.

Based in Brentwood, Lee Biosolutions collects biological materials — human saliva, semen, urine along with vaginal secretions, among others — along with produces finished proteins, enzymes, biologicals, immuno-reagents along with antibodies for life science research along with clinical diagnostic testing. The company’s core business will be diagnostic along with Lee Biosolutions sells proteins along with enzymes to research labs like the Cleveland Clinic along with pharmaceutical companies such as Abbott Laboratories.

Lee Biosolutions has developed a proprietary process to purify along with test for novel cancer biomarkers. In addition to the brand-new biomarkers, the company will be expanding its production of the additional biomarkers in its lineup.

Earlier This kind of year, the company said the idea had developed a unique process for purifying the prostate cancer tumor marker PSA.

"We continue to raise supply of CA 19-9 which often will be used with patients with pancreatic cancer, CEA tumor marker that will helps predict the outlook in patients with colorectal cancer along with CA 72-4 which will be currently used in ovarian, pancreatic cancer along with cancers starting from the digestive tract," said Burton Lee, president of the company. "Current research has identified CYFRA 21-1 used as a marker for non-smaller cell lung cancer along with Lee Biosolutions has increased supply of Beta 2 Microglobuilnwhich will be used as a marker for multiple myelomas along with chronic lymphocytic leukemia."

The products are raw finished proteins that will are used in formulations in invitro diagnostic products along with research.

Lee Biosolutions had revenue of $6 million last year.