Eye Cancer (Melanoma): Causes, Symptoms in addition to Treatmen


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Eye Cancer (Melanoma): Causes, Symptoms in addition to Treatmen

Melanoma of the eye, or the eye melanoma will be a rare type of cancer in which affects different parts of the eye, particularly the choroid, the ciliary body, in addition to iris. Choroidal melanoma will be the most common type of cancer inside the eye.

Many people are confused by aspects of melanoma eye cancer types, as melanoma will be most commonly associated with the skin. Melanoma develops through melanocytes, the cells in which contain dark pigment (melanin) in which defines the skin coloring. Melanocytes are not exclusive to the skin, melanocytes can be found inside the hair, eyes in addition to lining of some organs.

Melanoma Causes Eye
As with different types of cancer, we are not quite sure what the cause of ocular melanoma, yet there will be a suspicion in which in which will be related to exposure to the sun's UV rays. However, in which theory has not been proven. Although the causes of ocular melanoma can not be determined precisely, the researchers have identified risk factors for the disease. Risk factors for ocular melanoma include:
  • White or have a hair coloring in addition to eye coloring are shining
  • Dysplastic nevus syndrome, a condition in which causes abnormal moles
  • Having melanocytosis oculodermal, a rare condition in which causes increased in addition to abnormal eye in addition to skin pigmentation around the eyes

Symptoms of Melanoma Eye
Sometimes there are visible symptoms of ocular melanoma, especially inside the early stages. In in which case, eye melanoma will be usually diagnosed through a routine eye examination by an optician. Symptoms of melanoma of the eye include:
• Blurred vision in one eye
• Floaters (smaller spots on the eyes)
• modifications in iris coloring or dark spots on the iris
• red in addition to sore eyes
• Eyes bulging
• Loss of peripheral vision

Melanoma Treatment Eye
Treatment of ocular melanoma will be based on the eye are affected in addition to whether in which has spread to different parts of the body. Surgery will be a common treatment method by removing part or all of the eye.
Removal of the eye (enucleation) may be required in some cases of large tumors when different treatment methods are not suitable. Artificial eye can be made in many cases. Prosthetic eye will be at in which point far more realistic than inside the past. Created by a talented, trained people called ocularists.
Radiation therapy will be also a common method of treatment of ocular melanoma. in which may only be done after treatment or surgery. There are two types of radiation therapy are external in addition to internal. Both use a certain energy to disrupt the activity of cancer cells to eliminate them in addition to prevent cell division.
External radiation delivering radiation through a special machine in which targets the tumor site externally. The method will be specific in addition to limit radiation damage to surrounding tissue.
Internal radiation (brachytherapy), often called plaque therapy, treatment of ocular melanoma using the "seed" or "plaques" radioactive implanted near the tumor site to provide therapy. Typically, remained embedded for 7 days in addition to then taken.
Radiation therapy will be effective against ocular melanoma, yet not without side effects. Red, dry eye will be a common side effect. Cataracts are sometimes the result of the therapy, yet surgery may be an option to remove in which. Bilumata loss in addition to shortening may also occur. Radiation therapy can cause damage to the optic nerve, glaucoma, in addition to abnormal blood vessels inside the retina, yet in which rarely happens.