Erionit and Mesothelioma Cancer

Erionit and Mesothelioma Cancer

Although less known than the mineral asbestos, erionite is a naturally occurring carcinogen when mengekpos in a long time and repeatedly can cause mesothelioma, lung cancer and other deadly diseases. Erionit more mainstream exposure occurs in the environment. Someone who has mesothelioma from exposure to erionite usually live near the mineral deposits in significant numbers.

Through laboratory tests on animals show that exposure to erionite has been shown to have a higher risk of lung cancer development than other minerals such as mesothelioma, including asbestos tested. Mesothelioma caused by exposure to light erionit faster growing than the exposure to asbestos.

Erionite exposure

Erionite is asbestiform mineral that is naturally high in fiber from guning volcanic mineral with similar properties to asbestos. Erionit is a zeolite mineral like serpentine or amphibole asbestos. Ijijnkan Erionit not in the United States in wide commercial use as many other asbestos minerals.

Usually the trace amounts of erionite has been found in other zeolite products such as water softeners or water purification systems. Nevertheless erionit more exposure comes from zeolite mines or through exposure to natural environments. Erionit trail in the zeolite products may cause exposure to the low level, although it is unknown whether these products can cause mesothelioma.

Where are generally associated with asbestos exposure in which a person engages in the manufacture, handling or installation of asbestos products. Then came repeated inhalation of asbestos particles that have the potential of developing cancer mesothelioma and other asbestos cancers. But in erionit exposure, the majority caused by environmental exposures related to where a person living near or around the sediment erionit.

Known throughout the world there are deposits of erionite in Germany, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, Kenya, Turkey and Italy. In the United States most of the erionite deposits located in the West, especially in Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, California, Wyoming, North Dakota and Utah.