Different Multifocal Lens Implants in Each Eye?


Different Multifocal Lens Implants in Each Eye?

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Question: I have cataract in both eyes as well as need cataract surgery. is actually This specific possible to have a ReSTOR® multifocal lens implant in one eye as well as a different multifocal of which would certainly do well in dim light? would certainly Medicare pay for one single vision lens implant if I have a multifocal lens implant inside the some other eye?

Answer: While This specific is actually possible to mix as well as match multifocal lens implants, This specific is actually not a generally used practice as This specific can result not only in adding some benefits, although in extending some problems as well as optical complexity. Generally one would certainly “mix as well as match” if there was a need to modify the near as well as intermediate range of vision This specific could be attempted-although could result inside the highlighting of side effects of each. Follow the recommendations of your cataract surgeon. Medicare will pay for the monofocal lens only-even if you have a multifocal inside the opposite eye.

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