Chemical substances that can cause cancer

Chemical substances that can cause cancer

You know the type of plastic cups that are usually only used single-use only. In the manufacture of glass are often referred to stereofoam the use of a chemical called styrene.

Styrene is one of the types of chemicals that must be minimized its use in human life because it has carcinogenic properties or cause cancer.

In addition to styrene, according to the U.S. Department of Health, there are other chemicals that are carcinogens that tungsen carbide-cobalt, captafol, o-nitrotulene, and also riddelline.

The use of styrene for various items needed in daily life has been so wide ranging from fiberglass, automotive parts, pipe and plastic beverage containers are also disposable.

People affected by exposure to styrene role in the larger high risk for leukemia and lymphoma cancer attacks. In addition, there is also a fact that shows the danger to humans because styrene can cause cancer of the pancreas and esophagus.

In addition to styrene is so terrible dangers, there are other substances that are not less risky as formaldehyde are commonly used as preservatives in many textile products and plastics.

Other substances asritolochic acid is widely used in many herbal products to treat gout, inflammation and arthritis, you should also watch out because it is quite likely to cause cancer.

However, this explanation does not mean that these chemicals can cause cancer directly, there are many factors that also contribute significantly as the vulnerability of each person, the size of the amount of chemical exposure, and so forth.

In another study conducted in 2009 entitled Occupational and Environmental Medicine stated that there is a chemical used in rubber factories that have the potential to cause cancer in people exposed continuously.

Chemicals known as MBT with the chemical formula 2-mercaptobenzothiazole is an ingredient that causes cancer (carcinogens). People affected by this MBT have an increased risk of colon cancer and multiple myeloma is higher compared with those who were free from exposure to MBT.

The danger perfluorocarbon

Perhaps you do not realize that the various appliances in the kitchen contains a chemical called perfluorocarbon (PFC). Why and what is PFC? PFCs are chemicals that are widely used in nonstick pans products and food packaging that is water repellent and fat.

Usually these substances enter the body through food, vapor or dust around the room of the house so you definitely will not even notice. According to the study, exposure to PFCs in the human body, especially among women is closely associated with accelerated aging or menopause earlier.

In research conducted by the West Virginia Univesity PFC U.S. reinforces the high regard with menopause in women. Results were obtained from blood samples of U.S. women some 26,000 people. The research found that the highest PFC levels found in women over the age of 42 years.

In addition, women containing PFCs in their bodies had significantly lower estrogen content. Because the PFC dangerous for your health to make some sort of well-known companies 3M and DuPont had agreed to stop using PFC in its products. 3M has stopped the use of PFCs in production since 2002 ago, while DuPont has gradually do so and will not use the total PFC in 2015.

So be careful when you are going to use an item, especially items that are used intensively in everyday life. So also for the workers who work in companies that make products using chemicals such as those mentioned above is inappropriate to consider the sustainability of jobs compared to the risks that must be faced in the future.